Anson Road Market

Pasar Jalan Anson or Anson Road Market is a small wet market located between Jalan Seang Tek and Lebuh Melaka, along Jalan Anson. This post-war market started operation since the 1st of December 1948. It caters to the community living around the area.

The market itself is pretty small but it has variety of fresh produce for daily meals. It does not have it own parking lot, so you may need to park your car in the nearby establishments, or the allotted parking slots across the street in Jalan Anson.

Ouside the entrance, there are pushcart stalls selling Nasi Lemak and Muar Chee. It’s hard to ignore the uncle selling Muar Chee as he uses a small bike horn to get attention. When you go inside the market, you will immediately see the stall selling chicken and poultry products on the left, while a variety of vegetables are aplenty on the right side. Though small, there are many retail products, dry items, groceries and homewares. There is a stall selling fresh flowers. At the centre, you will find the fish and other seafood produce. At the back, you can buy pork and other meat products.

Anson Road Market is famous for the hawker centre located next to it filled with small stalls serving local breakfast favourites. People purposely come here to try the Koay Teow Th’ng in one of the stalls. It is flat rice noodles in soup. What makes this different is that it uses chicken-based broth, while others use pork-based or duck-based soups. It also has chicken blood jelly, wolf herring (sai to), fish balls and chicken meat. On busy days especially on weekends, you may need to wait up to an hour to be served here.

Other favourites here are the Curry Mee, Hokkien Char, Porridge with dried oyster and thinly sliced lean pork, Wan Tan Mee, Hokkien Mee, and Char Koay Teow. There is also a stall selling deep fried food at the entrance of the hawker centre. As if an extention, there is another small food centre next to market selling Loh Mee and Mixed Rice.

Along Anson Road, in front of the Lok Pin Café, there is a famous stall selling Ban Chang Kueh, pancake with thin, crispy shell with generous helpings of peanuts and white or brown sugar. Some like it with cream corn, egg and cheese as well. Along this lane, there is a few café, restaurants and other businesses as well.

In front of the wet market, there is a convenient store, Pasar Mini Ban Huat, selling various grocery items. You can also find a pushcart selling biscuits and tidbits. At the back of the market, there are also restaurants and small food centres catering to the business centre area.

How to get to Anson Road Market?

You may take Rapid Penang Bus No 101, 102, 103, 104, 304 and alight at the Chinese Temple in Jalan Macalister. Walk towards Jalan Anson onto Jalan Seang Tek.

Anson Road Market is accessible from Jalan Macalister or Jalan Dato Keramat. From Jalan Macalister, turn in to Anson Road and then Jalan Seang Tek. From Jalan Dato Keramat, turn in to Jalan Seang Tek towards the end of the road.

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Address: Anson Road Market, Anson Road corner and Seang Tek Road 10400 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia