Penang Beaches

The Beautiful Beaches of Penang

Golden Sands Resort

Penang is famous the world over for its UNESCO heritage sites, local street food, world-class health care services, education facilities, tourism electrical and semiconductor industry. Penang’s semiconductor industry is so robust that she is also known as the “Silicon Island”.

However, Penang has another, more fun, type of silicon in her beautiful beaches! Many tourists come to Penang just for her beaches! Other than swimming in the clear warm waters, Penang’s beach activities includes water sports such as canoeing, parasailing, snorkeling and jet- skiing.

Penang as an island is of course surrounded by water; there are many beaches that are accessible by public at no cost.

In alphabetical order, below is a list of the beaches of Penang:
1. Batu FerringhiMonkey Beach
2. Gertak Sanggul
3. Monkey Beach (Tanjung Duyung)
4. Pantai Kerachut
5. Pantai Teluk Kampi / Teluk Kampi Beach
6. Pasir Panjang
7. Pulau Aman
8. Pulau Jerejak / Jerejak Island
9. Pulau Kendi
10. Tanjung Bungah
11. Teluk Bahang

Many of the beaches listed above are renowned for their long stretches of sand and a respite from the bustle of the city where one can soothe one’s self with sound of waves that melts the stress away.

Kerachut Beach

Kampi Beach