Just how do you play cricket? It’s essentially, “when you see the ball, you hit the ball.” Cricket is a team sport played with 11 players each on a field with a 22-yard rectangular long pitch at the centre.

Generally the game is played between 6 to 8 hours.
In this bat-and-ball game, the objective is to score more points than the other team. There are 2 innings, one per team. One team bats and endeavours to score as many runs. The other team then fields and tries to impede the scoring. The team with the most runs wins the game.

Cricket is second most popular sport in the world next to soccer, with 2 to 3 billion fans across India, England, Pakistan, Australia, Asia and more. The laws of the game are governed by the International Cricket Council.

The origins of crickets are uncertain, although the first recorded game was in 16th century in South East England. With the expansion of British Empire, the sport spread globally and international matches started in the middle of 19th century.

In Malaysia, cricket was founded by a group of British planters in 1884. All the important games in the country were played at the Royal Selangor Club, including the game in 1927 when Malaysia defeated Australia by 39 runs.

In 1963, the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) was established. The association has grown stronger in time and now has 2 associate members and 14 state affiliates.

In 1967, the country became an associate member of the International Cricket Council and played in the first ICC Trophy in 1979. Malaysia is also a member of the Asian Cricket Association since it started in 1983 and has competed in the ACC Trophy. The country has hosted many cricket tournaments including the senior and junior levels and the women’s tournaments.

The MCA is working closely with the Olympic Council of Malaysia for the development of cricket in the country. At present, Malaysia is the only country that featured cricket in the Commonwealth Games that was held in 1998.

In the Pearl of the Orient – Penang, cricket has been very active even after the English left the island. The Penang Cricket Association is a group of passionate cricketers who represent the state in different tournaments nationwide.

Some of the most popular tournaments in the country are the Malaysian Premier League, MCA T20 Corporate League, National Inter-Club T20 League and the MCA Fast Track Inter-State League.

Where to play cricket in Penang?

Penang Sports Club, formerly known as Penang Cricket Club, located near the Esplanade in George Town actively organises the “International Sixes” annually with a big fanfare. In 1910, this clubhouse was a popular meeting place for cricket enthusiasts. In time, the club has grown and members have increased throughout the years. The club boasts of one of the most scenic grounds in the country.

Most of the secondary schools in Penang have their own cricket teams and they join the competitions in Penang and other parts of the country. The Penang Free School (PFS) team The Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) cricket teams are just 2 of the strong leagues from Penang.

The Victoria Green or Padang Victoria bordered by Pangkor and Burmah Road used to be the playing field of the Chinese Recreation Club and the Penang Cricket Club.