Greenlane Heights Market

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Greenlane Heights Market or Medan Selera & Pasar Greenlane Heights, is a small wet market housed in a three-storey building in the midst of a large residential neighbourhood of Greenlane Heights. The market serves the high density development totalling to about 2,000 units within the entire development.

The Greenlane Heights community comprises low-cost to medium-cost condominiums situated in Greenlane. There are nine series of high-rise apartments here. Most of the projects are named alphabetically while some are named individually.

Located in the hilly area of Lintang Gangsa, the market opens as early as 5:30 in the morning and closes at noontime. The area is vastly congested in the morning as shoppers flock in the market to get the freshest produce and splurge on a hearty breakfast.

The basement of the building serves as the parking bay for shoppers. Aside from that, there are also parking spaces allotted on the sides of the market. The second level is the main floor where the market and food court are located. The third floor is supposedly another level of stalls, but it is currently closed and not in use.

If you are coming from the parking space on the side of the market you will need to take the small stairs to get to the main market. At the corner near the entrance, there is a small toilet. There is a small tailor shop for altering blouse and pants, and a few shops selling toys and personal items. You can also find dried goods, beans, nuts and other spices used for coking. There is a shop selling kitchen utensils and houseware supplies.

In the middle section, you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables. On one side, a few stalls are lined up selling fishes and other seafood. Near the section is the poultry section, and not far away is the pork section.

Situated in the middle of the wet market and the food court, there are stalls selling medic herbs, newspapers and breads.

Coming from the entrance, you will immediately see the food court on the second level. There are a few stalls selling Hokkien Mee, Economy Bihun, Nasi Lemak, Vegetarian Food, Char Koay Kak, Koay Teow Soup, and good selection of beverages.

There are few shops at the basement like the air-conditioned tailor shop selling women’s clothes, and a hair salon. The corner shop seems to have just been vacated.

How to get to Greenlane Heights Market?

It is not really recommended to come here by bus as the market is far from the nearest bus stop. But if you must, you may take Rapid Penang Buses No 206 and alight at the opposite of Green Lane Height Apartment, Jalan Besi. This is the nearest bus stop here. The other stop is in Jalan Gangsa.

Greenlane Heights market is accessible via Jalan Masjid Negeri. Turn in to Lebuhraya Besi and continue onto Jalan Gangsa. Turn in to Lintang Gangsa and the market is on the left.

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Medan Selera & Pasar Greenlane Heights
Address: Lintang Gangsa, Jelutong, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia