Kuala Muda Fishermen’s Market

A wet market of its own kind, Kuala Muda Fishermen’s Market is where you whisper to bid and buy your fresh seafood. Officially known as Pasar Nelayan Kuala Mudah, it is located on the southern part of the Muda River bank in Kampung Kuala Mudah. Just across the river bank, you will also find the Pasar Bisik Kuala Mudah which is already part of Kedah.

Both markets are known as the Kuala Mudah Whispering Market. It got its name from how the business is conducted. Instead of shouting out to sell and buy the fresh catch, the traders here conduct their auction by whispering.

The fishermen will display their sea harvests like pomfret, squid, stingray and prawns, as soon as they arrive from the sea. Fishmongers and interested buyers will gather around and then whisper their offer price into the ears of the fishermen. When everyone has placed their bids, the fishermen will discreetly accept the money of the winner. He may or may not be the highest bidder; it’s always up to the fishermen to decide.

The murmuring and whispering have been observed strictly in the Whispering Market for many decades. It is the only place in the country selling seafood that does this business practice.
The auction market is busiest in the morning from 10am up to 1:30pm when fishermen has sold off their catch.

Aside from wholesalers, frequent buyers do not need to weigh what they buy. They just assess by sight and bid on impulse. But as a visitor, do not be surprised if the price may not be very cheap. The price usually depends on the availability and will still be cheaper compared to other markets.

Kampung Kuala Muda is a small fishing village which bustles with old and new fishing boats. It is where the Sungai Muda opens to the sea and marks the boundary between Penang and Kedah. The Fishermen’s market is the main source of livelihood for more than a thousand villagers here where more than 20 tons of sea harvests are traded daily.

It is a favourite place for the freshest seafood not only for the villagers but for other people from as far away as Perlis and Johor. The market has also become a tourist attraction, thanks to the picturesque Kuala Muda River and the “living heritage” of the fishing village.

How to get to Kuala Muda Fishermen’s Market?

You may take any of the Rapid Penang Buses No. 603. Alight at Masjid Kuala Muda in Jalan Kuala Muda and walk around quite a distance to market.

If you are driving from Butterworth, the fishermen’s market is accessible via Bagan Ajam and Penaga before turning into Kuala Muda. You will find some traditional houses, farm animals and rice fields along the way. You may need to park at the roadside nearest to the fishing village and walk to the market.

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Pasar Nelayan Kuala Mudah
Address: Jalan Kuala Muda, 13110 Penaga, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia