Mural Trails in Penang

Mural art is a form of artistic representation where a large surface such as walkways, walls or ceilings is used instead as the canvas. What distinguishes mural art is that the surface’s architecture and surroundings are usually embodied in the art itself, adding a layer of sophistication and a 3D effect to the art.

For those visiting Penang Island for the heritage tours, you must have at least heard about the wonderful mural art on display all over the heritage site. Most of the mural art is done by the artist Ernest Zacharevic and many others by various artists since 2012. The bulk of mural art is situated in the heart of the heritage site and can be seen as you make your way along the streets of George Town.

The boat at Chew Jetty

Below is a list of mural arts found along the streets of George Town:Marge Simpson Bollard

Kids on bicycle
Old Motorcycle
Boy On Chair
Kungfu Girl
Trishaw Man
Marge Simpson Bollard (used to be Minions) at Soo Hong Lane
Skippy Giant Cat
No Animal Discrimination Please
Burce Lee
Please care & Bathe me
Love me like your fortune car
Cats & Humans Happily living together or Cats in a Procession
Lion Dance Breaking Out of Wall
Penang: Past, Present & Future
Children Playing Basketball
Brother and Sister on a Swing
I Can Help Catch Rats
“No Animal Discrimination Please”
Three Chinese Dolls or Cultural Girls
“This Old Man” (note: fading off)
Blue KittenThree Chinese Dolls or Cultural Girls
I Want Pau
Cat Kicking Minion
Giant Rat Lurking Around the Corner
Traffic Policeman
Little Boy With Pet Dinosaur
Nostalgic Meal Order
Japan Myth Mural
Child Mural at Prangin Canal
The Indian Boatman
Feed the Stray
Woman Construction Workers
Poh Hock Seah Ink Painting
Teach You Hokkien Mural
Minion Rickshawman
Tan Tong Tong
Girl On A Turtle
Man and Turtles
Big Mouth