Entertainment and Clubbing in Penang

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After a long day of work and labor, where can a tired soul go to have some rest and recreation? Not unlike any major holiday destination, our little Pearl of the Orient has many districts and locations to accommodate those looking for an enjoyable night out on the island. From quiet little bars, night clubs, lounges, beach bars to crowded full-house discotheques, Penang has them all.

Many popular hot-spots for nightlife can be found around the island, with the occasional pub or bar spread out in less trendy spots. The bars and pubs are mostly congregated around the areas of Georgetown, Queens Bay, Karpal Singh Drive, Gurney Drive and Batu Ferringhi. These areas are full of bars and pubs that caters to all the needs of locals and tourists alike.

KTV Pubs and Lounges

Frequented by locals and tourists looking to sing their heart out, KTV pubs usually have a big area where the patrons relax, drink and listen to those brave or daring enough to sing in public. On the other hand, we have KTV Lounges where each group of customers is provided their own private VIP room equipped with their own surround sound and karaoke systems. These KTV lounges usually charge more for their services and drinks.
E.g. Oriental KTV @ Anson Road
Red Box Karaoke @ Gurney Plaza & 1st Avenue Mall
RED Karaoke & Lounge @ Belissa Row
Black & White KTV @ Penang Road

Live Bands and Music Bars

ClubbingFor those looking to sit down, relax and listen to more professional performers, there are many bars around that host their own live bands. These bars usually have professional performers and bands come in on a weekly basis to play for their customers.
E.g. Hard Rock Cafe @ Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Ferringhi
The Bank @ Beach Street, Georgetown
G Spot @ G Hotel, Gurney Drive
Pallet @ Auto Mall, Karpal Singh Drive

Sports and Cocktail Bars

Catering to customers that are looking to hangout with friends and play some bar games or drinking games, these type of bars have increased in numbers over the recent years. Patrons can usually find pool tables, darts, foosball tables in these bars.
E.g. Bora Bora by Sunset @ Batu Feringghi
Soho Free House @ Penang Street, Georgetown
Pallet @ Auto Mall, Karpal Singh Drive
The Beer Factory @ Queens Bay

Night-clubs and Discotheques

If partying and dancing are what you are looking for, Penang has its share of popular night-clubs and discotheques as well. The more popular clubs will usually have a house or guest DJ play their own blend of music and tunes to fire up the dancers on the floor. These places usually have a cover or entry charge for their customers.
E.g. Cuvée @ Tanjung Tokong
Slippery Seniorita (SS) @ Upper Penang Road, Georgetown
Soju Room @ Penang Times Square