Notice: Waste Segregation at Source Campaign & Policy

The Penang State Government has come out with a new campaign to reduce wastage in the state of Penang. Necessary measures will be taken to make sure each citizen plays their part in keeping Penang clean and waste-free. If a household fails to do so, they will be fined RM250 each. This will be carried out by Ops Kawal Selia Pengasingan Sisa who will check bins for discarded waste.

A guide to separating waste accordingly:

Paper: Newspapers/Boxes/Magazines/ Cardboards/Books
Plastic: Plastic bottles/ Plastic Containers/ Plastic Bags/ Plastic Food Containers/ Plastic Buckets
Glass: Ketchup Bottles/Drinking Bottles
Can/Metal: Aluminium Cans/Food Cans/Iron/ Metals

General Waste
Leftovers: Fruit Peels/ Vegetables/ Eggshells/ Rice
Dirty Waste: Disposable Diapers/ Dirty Tissues/ Dirty Materials/ Contaminated Papers or Boxes