Penang Day Tour

Day walks: 3 hours; Night walks: 2 hours

1. Penang Little India (available day & night)
Little India is a vibrant part of George Town with the sights, sounds and smells of the area that evoke a true sense of being in Asia. Generally, it is an ethnic Indian enclave. The streets of Little India are lined with stores selling goods that are not only popular with the local Indian community but also Penangites in general. In fact, this area bears similarities to the streets of many cities in India.

Penang Little IndiaPenang Little India

2. Penang Street of Harmony (day walk only)
The religious harmony practiced by the multi-cultural community of Penang is demonstrated through the places of worship along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, formerly known as Pitt Street. Historically, there has always been a healthy interaction between these communities of different origins, cultural traditions and faiths.

Masjid Kapitan KelingGoddess of Mercy Temple

3. Penang Historical Meet  (available day & night)
Along Armenian Street and Acheen Street are places where local and global histories meet, where intangible cultural heritage and modern street art add another layer to the experience of heritage.

Chew Jetty EntranceArmenian Street

4. Penang Colonial Tour (day walk only)
Founded by Captain Francis Light in 1786, George Town was a British colony. The Capital of Penang presents a range of historic British colonial architecture. The walk starts at Fort Cornwallis, a star fort that the British East India Company built in the late18th century. Within the fort, there is a Chapel which was built in 1799. A building in the southwest bastion with massive roof and surrounding buttresses housed the main magazine.

Old Protestant CemeteryFort Cornwallis