Religions in Penang

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Kapitan Keling Mosque

From the eighteenth century, during the epicenter of the rise of international trade, all the way to the Second World War, Penang has seen a multitude of ethnicities land on its shores.

With the diversity in culture and ethnicities it was naturally that various religions established a founding here. These influences are explicitly seen in the city scape and architecture all around the island. It is not uncommon to find mosques, churches, temples and quills all on the same block and it certainly is no surprise to see people of different ethnic groups attending places of worship once categorized by race.

Kek Lok Si TempleFor the tourist who has empty slots on their schedules looking for some cultural immersion, a tour of the island’s variety of places of worship will not only educate you on the origin of Malaysian culture, it will also be an eye opener to the island’s unsurprisingly harmonious way of life. Penang is a true melting pot of some of the world’s largest and smallest religions and a harmonious example of tolerance and acceptance for the world to see.