Seberang Jaya Market

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Seberang Jaya is a public market located in Jalan Tenggiri on the Penang Mainland. It serves the surrounding community of Seberang Jaya. The market with an E-shaped floorplan is set next to the Medan Selera Seberang Jaya. It is one of the main hubs in the area and the favourite breakfast destination of locals.

The spacious one-storey market building has different sections for seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, fruits, dry goods and grocery items. Small stalls line up every morning outside the market building selling clothing, housewares and knickknacks. Seberang Jaya Market is surrounded by residential apartments, bungalows and many establishments.

The adjacent Medan Selera Seberang Jaya has rows of local hawker food stalls surrounding the tables that are set up in the middle. Locals stop here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of the favourites are Pasembur, Kuay Teow, Hokkien Mee, Tom Yam Mee, Nasi Daging, among others. Light meals are also available like Karipap Pisang, Pisang Goreng and various kueh.

In 2015, there were talks about the renovation or overhaul of the Seberang Jaya Market to improve its infrastructure and amenities. It is said that Penang will spend RM12 to renovate the 4.5-hectare market and hawker complex. The makeover will include the wet and dry market, street mall, the food complex and related infrastructure including the car park. When the project is finished, there will be a total of 163 units of stalls for the wet market, 220 units for the street mall and
90 units for the hawker complex. The said project will be assumed by Penang Development Corporation. It is expected to be completed in 2 years, but in 2016, the project is yet to be initiated.

How to get to Seberang Jaya Market?

You may take any of the Rapid Penang Buses Nos.703 and 709. Alight in front of Penang State Royal Custom in Lebuh Tenggiri 2 and walk eastward to Jalan Tenggiri and walk south toward the market. Using Bus No 709 will allow you to alight at opposite of Flat Tenggiri in Jalan Tenggiri and then walk south to the market.

If you are driving from Butterworth, the Seberang Jaya Market is accessible via P191 and Lebuhraya Butterworth – Kulim/E15 or Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan/AH2/E1 or Lebuhraya Lingkaran Luar Butterworth/E17 and then to Jalan Todak. There are ample parking spaces allocated surrounding the market building.

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Pasar Awam Sebarang Jaya Bukit Mertajam
Address: Jalan Tenggiri, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Perai, Penang, Malaysia