Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque

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Tanjung Bungah Floating MosqueThe Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque, also known as Masjid Terapung Tanjung Bungah is an Islamic mosque built at the edge of a bay in Tanjung Bungah of Penang island. Despite its name, the mosque is not built on floatation system but rather on stilts and pilings. On high tides, it appears floating in the sea. In the evening, with the lights glittering on the sea illuminating the mosque gently against the sunset backdrop, the view is both serene and inspiring.

Tanjung Bungah Floating MosqueThe mosque was built between 2005 to 2007 at a cost of RM 15million to replace an old mosque nearby. It was officiated by the then prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 16 March 2007. The mosque covers 1295 sq. metres. It has a seven-storey minaret where prayer calls or azan is broadcasted five times a day at the specific time from dawn to dusk. The spacious mosque has the capacity to host 1500 worshippers to cater to the growing population. Unlike other older mosques with no or very limited car parking space, this floating mosque has a parking compound big enough for 50 cars. The mosque is under the management and ownership of the State Government of Penang.

If you do visit the mosque, don’t forget to check out the little laksa stall next to the mosque, the dish is simply wonderful.

Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque

Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque tanjung-bungah-floating-mosque6